Star Wars finally gets an official app for all your Jedi needs

It seems silly that it's taken so long, but Lucasfilm and Disney have finally debuted an official Star Wars app to keep you connected to that far away galaxy at all times. Available for iOS and Android, it's basically a marketing conduit for the lead up to the The Force Awakens, offering up news, countdown timers for film releases and the usual Star Wars trivia. But it also seems like they've had some fun with the app: There's a jedi training feature that lets you swing your phone like a light saber, a collection of animated GIFs and classic sound effects, and you can even snap selfies as Star Wars characters. It seems like the app is basically a mobile extension of, which has served as a vibrant online hub for the franchise even when there were no new films on the horizon. (Insert obligatory "It's a trap!" reference here.)