Comcast's 2Gbps internet costs you up to $299 per month

A Comcast service truck

Are you determined to trump your Google Fiber-toting friends by signing up for Comcast's 2Gbps Gigabit Pro service? You'd better have deep pockets. The telecom has revealed pricing for its multi-gigabit data tier, and it'll cost you up to an eye-watering $299 per month. Comcast is testing a more reasonable $159 per month (on a 2-year contract) in Chattanooga and other cities, but it's still patently obvious that Pro is aimed at the speed-at-all-costs crowd. The rate also doesn't factor in gotchas like the activation and installation fees, which can cost up to $500 each.

As it stands, leaping on the 2Gbps option may be a bit premature unless you're swimming in money. The more practical option may be to wait for Comcast's early 2016 upgrade to DOCSIS 3.1, a cable standard that will make 1Gbps practical for many people, not just those lucky enough to live near fiber optic lines. You don't even need a gigabit to stream 4K video, after all, and two may be overkill unless you regularly transfer enormous files. It'll be a while before internet services are so bandwidth-heavy that Gigabit Pro is more than a luxury.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar]