Spotify map compiles playlists from musical tastes around the world

If you're curious what kind of music folks in other parts of the world are listening to, Spotify now offers a handy tool that compiles just that. The streaming service gathers info from popular tracks around the globe and compiles them into playlists. Rather than list them in a boring in-app search, it plots them out on an interactive map for quick visual reference. This means that when you click on Durham, North Carolina, for example, you'll be greeted with a collection of tracks the folks there are listening to on the regular. Mandolin Orange and Future are quite popular in that part of NC, in case you were wondering. As you might expect, once you queue up a playlist in the app, you can add any notable findings to your personal collection for future use. Spotify says it updates the lists about twice a month, and each time it does, it sorts through 20 billion listener and song relationships.