T-Mobile's latest family plan gives everyone 10GB of full-speed data

You knew T-Mobile wasn't going to let Sprint's sweet family plan go unanswered, didn't you? Sure enough, the magenta network has trotted out an upgraded Simple Choice family plan that gives two people unlimited calling, text and 10GB of full-speed data (each, not total) for the same $100 that Sprint is asking. That's not as alluring if you regularly consume gigs upon gigs of internet content (Sprint's data is also unlimited), but T-Mobile is also charging just $20 for every additional line instead of Sprint's $40. If you have phone-toting kids, that could add up. This is also cheaper than what you'd get at AT&T or Verizon, where you're looking at $140 or more to give a family of four 10GB of shared data. You'll have to wait a day (until July 15th) to change plans if you're already a T-Mo family subscriber, but it's probably worth the short wait. Just don't tell Marcelo Claure that.