Epic Games is the latest hacking victim

Not even a chainsaw bayonette (or the stealthy gent up above) could stop Epic Games from falling prey to hackers. The Unreal Engine-maker sent emails to members of its forums announcing that unauthorized access to usernames, email addresses, passwords and birthdates may have been accessed by an intruder. From the sounds of it, the only channels affected were related to Bulletstorm, Gears of War, Infinity Blade, UDK, and older Unreal Tournament titles. Developers active on the Unreal Engine 4 forums shouldn't have anything to worry about, nor should those posting about Fortnite and the latest Unreal Tournament. For now, the forums are offline while Epic investigates the source of intrusion and the company warns to be on the lookout for any phishing attempts, nefarious emails or other, ahem, infiltrations into your sensitive information.