Facebook wants you to shop inside its store pages

Here's a mystery: if Facebook thinks store pages are so important, why can't you shop from those store pages? Well, Facebook has finally come to its senses. The social network tells Buzzfeed News that it's testing an option to buy goods directly from stores' Facebook pages, rather than kicking you over to another website. The effort is still early enough that only a few dozen brands are participating (Facebook won't name names), but it could expand to include groups, sports teams and even celebrities.

Facebook doesn't take a cut from sales at the moment, but it might not need to. The more you're tempted to shop on Facebook, the more alluring it is for advertisers -- they'd not only be more likely to clinch a sale, but learn more about what you're likely to buy. And while you might not be thrilled with the prospect of marketers trying even harder to get your dollar, it's only logical that you should do more with store pages than give them likes and click on the occasional link. Even if you're unlikely to see a store bring its full catalog to Facebook, the feature could make it much easier to leap on sales that show up in your timeline.