Microsoft bets on Facebook for Windows 10 apps

Microsoft and Facebook have always been strange bedfellows, but Windows 10 will fully embrace the social app. Redmond's new SDK tool will help developers create universal apps with Facebook integration for Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 -- including authorization, likes, dialogs, the Graph and other functionality. As a user, that means you're more likely to see Facebook features turn up in Windows 10 apps as soon as they're released, whether using a tablet, phone or PC.

The software giant said that if you're a developer building apps with Facebook's .NET SDK, "we recommend that you evaluate the new Windows SDK for Facebook for use in your app (instead)." Obviously, Microsoft wants tons of apps for Windows 10 when it arrives at the end of the month, especially on its beleaguered Windows Phone devices. Given Facebook's omnipresence, helping developers get it into universal Windows 10 apps certainly can't hurt.