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Sony's PlayStation Now UK beta is now open to everyone

Until now, only a select few Brits have been invited to try out Sony's PlayStation Now game streaming service. That changes today, however, as Sony has now opened up the beta trial to anyone wanting to take it for a spin. If you own either a PlayStation 4 or a compatible TV from Sony's Bravia range (and at least one DualShock 3/4 controller), you can fire up PS Now and rent any of a selection of PS3 games for two- or 30-day periods. And since it's a steaming service, you can play them immediately, no download required.

While that sounds great and all, you do have to pay for privilege, and the rental charges aren't exactly forgettable. Old PlayStation Network games cost £3 for a two-day rental and £8 for a month, with proper PS3 titles priced at £5 and £10, respectively. For now, anyway, as Sony said previously it'll be playing around with rental terms and pricing during the beta. Loading the PS Now app onto your PS4 or Bravia TV doesn't cost a thing, though, so you could always have a look at the game selection and test how persuasive a force nostalgia can be.