Buying a Slingbox finally gets you free TV streaming apps

As handy as a Slingbox can be for watching TV away from home, it's not as good a deal as it sounds. You usually have to shell out another $15 or more just to get the Slingplayer streaming app for your phone or tablet. Sling is starting to see the light, however. It's shipping a $200 Slingbox M2 bundle that lets you download the Slingplayer Android and iOS apps for free, not just the desktop versions. While this kit costs $50 more than what you'd pay for the M1, it's potentially less expensive if you want apps for multiple mobile devices -- especially if you're not the only one that wants to watch. You'll have to endure "seamlessly integrated" ads for the privilege, but that could be a small price to pay for viewing your favorite shows on every possible screen.

Slingbox M2 bundle packaging