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Xiaomi has a crazy slim 4K TV with pro-level colors

Xiaomi builds various products that have nothing to do with smartphones, and today it revealed two more: a 9.9mm thick 4K TV and a smart water purifier, of all things. So who cares about a 48-inch TV that will probably only be sold in Asia? Well, for $485 (or $645 with a sound bar), the Mi TV 2S is pretty interesting. Samsung made the panel, but Xiaomi built its own LED backlight module. It claims that lets it display a full, uncompressed YUV 4:4:4 color gamut at 4K and 60fps, a trick that only professional grade displays can normally pull off.

The all-metal, 9.9mm body is one of the thinnest I've seen, and Xiaomi even went so far as to redesign the power plug to make it as small as possible, too. Otherwise, it's like a big old Android phone, with a quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM and Android 5 Lollipop. That'll give it the usual array of smart TV features, including access to what the company calls a "$10 billion online TV library." The Mi TV 2S will go on sale in China on July 28th, but unfortunately, it's not likely to come to the US or UK.

As for the Mi Water Purifier, Xiaomi says it uses reverse osmosis tech with two activated coconut carbon filters, a cotton filter and an RO membrane. I had no idea that "coconut carbon filtering" was a thing, but Xiaomi claims it'll reduce the TDS (total dissolved solids) to less than 100 in drinking water, while pumping it out at a rate of a quart per minute. The gadgety part is that you can hook it up to a smart home system and get alerted when it needs a new filter or stops working correctly. The 1,299 Yuan price ($210) sounds like a lot to us, but Xiaomi said it's much cheaper than other devices with comparable performance. Again, it seems unlikely to join Xiaomi's very limited edition of gadgets you can purchase in the US.