Xiaomi starts small with a UK online accessory store

Xiaomi is about to enter the UK market, but it won't be selling the Android phones and tablets it's best known for. Mimicking its plans for the US, the company is starting with an online accessory store for its Mi-branded headphones, battery packs and fitness trackers. Xiaomi will be taking orders from midday on May 19th, but be warned, as the store has been firmly branded with the "beta" label. As Android Authority reports, this means that all of the accessories will be available in limited quantities -- so once Xiaomi has sold through its pre-determined amounts, that'll be it. Game over. Products will ship directly from Xiaomi's warehouses in China, so be aware that you might have to pay some import duties. Clearly, Xiaomi is using this limited launch to test the UK's waters, but who knows, if it's successful maybe we'll see a full-time store selling its flagship Mi Note in the future.