Latest Android Humble Bundle features NeoGeo's best games

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If you're prone to throwing your controller when a game gets the best of you, perhaps the latest Humble Bundle isn't quite for you. Maybe. That's because the outfit's offering up a slew of classic NeoGeo games for the very low price of paying however much you want. So, for that very flexible price range you get Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Blazing Star, The King of Fighters '97, Metal Slug 2 (pictured above) and Metal Slug X on Android. Should you pay more than the (current) average price of $4.56 you'll also get access to Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Showdown II, Metal Slug 3 and yet-to-be-announced surprises.

Android Central notes that if you grabbed 'em all separately it'd run you $23, so if you feel like throwing more money Humble's way you can snag a Metal Slug t-shirt celebrating NeoGeo's 25th anniversary. That isn't expected to ship until October, but you could always use the next few months to brush up on your shooting skills and wear it with pride, right?

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