Starbucks' Lyft deal has you earning coffee with every ride

Starbucks isn't done lining up deals with tech-savvy companies -- not by a longshot. The coffee chain has unveiled a partnership with Lyft that will reward just about everyone. As a passenger, you'll earn points (that is, Stars) at Starbucks every time you hail a Lyft ride. Yes, you could travel to a business meeting and get a free drink when you arrive. You can even gift a cup o' joe to your driver, if you like. Those drivers will also get Starbucks' Gold perk status as a matter of course, and they'll earn Stars for every ride they offer. Baristas might see some benefits, too, as Starbucks is testing a program that would give employees Lyft rides when mass transit isn't an option. The alliance is only effective in the 65 US cities that Lyft covers, but it could prove tempting if you just can't get enough grande lattes.