Stephen Hawking is hosting a week-long Q&A on Reddit next week

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Stephen Hawking is hosting a week-long Q&A on Reddit next week

Have a question for one of the smartest men on the planet? Mark your calendar: on Monday July 27th at 8am ET, Stephen Hawking will be taking questions from the public in his first ever Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). If you can't make it Monday, don't worry about it, he'll be answering questions for over a week -- a first for the forum's Q&A community.

While the extended AMA is great for folks who always come late to the party, it's also a necessity for Hawking -- it takes time for the world renowned scientist to compose answers with his Intel-powered assistive computer system, and the longer format is designed to compensate for the communication delay. Not only does that make this the longest AMA in Reddit history, but it means more Stephen Hawking. We're okay with both of those things.

Hawking will be taking questions from the community, but he does have a few topics of his own in mind. This AMA is part of Wired and Nokia's #MakeTechHuman initiative, which seeks to enable discussion about how technology can best serve humanity -- Hawking is expected to use the platform to talk about his concerns with artificial intelligence, which he says is "potentially our greatest mistake in history."

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The fun starts Monday at 8am ET on Reddit's /r/science forum.

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