Here's what happened at last Friday's #EngadgetLive in Boston!

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Here's what happened at last Friday's #EngadgetLive in Boston!

Engadget Live Boston 2015 was... sort of a blur. Sure, I remember the broad strokes -- our first live meetup of the year saw 1,500 people checking out great gadgets and downing drinks in the Royale once more, and the complimentary selfie sticks floating around kept us all from taking ourselves too seriously.

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Beyond those vain, drunk moments, attendees waited for their chances to try smashing a drone into a wall, talk to cars and cruise around briefly on an electric, remote-controlled skateboard. (There also exists footage of yours truly drunkenly riding that very board after being furiously spun around by my boss, but I'll leave that for you to ferret out.) Sound like fun? You're damn right it was. Now that all we have left are memories of Beantown, we've no choice but to look to the future... and our upcoming geek parties in Los Angeles (August 21) and Austin (October 16). Stay tuned — you won't want to miss these.

Special thanks go out to the sponsors who kept us drunk and entertained that night, and also to everyone who came out, hung out in a line, and were basically the geekiest, most gracious people we've ever met. The folks out west have a high bar to clear.

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Here's what happened at last Friday's #EngadgetLive in Boston!