Google Translate can help you with text in 20 new languages

Let's face it: Google Translate is a handy tool when traveling abroad or reading text on the web that's written in a different language. The software already offered help with seven languages, and today Mountain View added 20 more. This means that you'll be able to translate to and from English to Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Indonesian, Polish, Turkish and several others. You'll also be able to leverage one-way translation from English to Hindi or Thai. And all of those are just for printed text.

You can also use the camera on your mobile device to snap a pictures of a sign or text that you need a hand with as Google Translate's camera mode supports 37 different languages. To put the software to work, though, you'll have to download a 2MB language pack for each one inside the app. Google also beefed up the voice conversation mode so that its real-time translation works well even on slower networks, which is particularly handy in developing areas. The updates are hitting both Android and iOS apps over the next few days.