The thirteenth 'Angry Birds' game is 'Angry Birds 2'

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Nick Summers
July 30th, 2015
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The thirteenth 'Angry Birds' game is 'Angry Birds 2'

It might have the number two in its name, but don't be fooled: the new Angry Birds game is just the latest in a seemingly endless trickle of apps featuring Rovio's feathered friends. We've seen Angry Birds interpretations of Star Wars, Transformers and even Mario Kart -- but today the company is back with "the first sequel" to the original. You're still flinging colorful birds at pigs, but the gameplay has been tweaked with new multi-stage levels, spells and boss piggie battles. Rovio has been having a tough time of late, so it's no doubt hoping that this app is the one to recapture the first game's runaway success.

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