Google is launching a new version of Glass, but only for workers

Good news, wearable fans: there's a new version of Google Glass on the way. Only... it's not really meant for you. Both Recode and the Wall Street Journal hear that Google is handing out a new, work-oriented version of its smart eyepiece to its enterprise partners' development teams. As for what it entails? Like 9to5Google hinted earlier, its a mix of performance and accommodating the demands of the working world. There's a hinge to attach it to different glasses, and the wider, thinner prism (aka the display) can move both vertically and horizontally. It also touts a faster Intel Atom processor, better wireless and longer-lasting battery packs that attach to the headset through magnets.

If everything goes according to plan, Google will have businesses actively using this version of Glass by the fall. You may have to wait much longer for the fabled consumer-friendly device, though. If you ask the WSJ's sources, the mainstream version is "at least" one year off. The one consolation is that it might not be nearly as expensive as the $1,500 Explorer Edition. The enterprise unit is expected to cost "well below" the Explorer's price point, and we can't imagine that a less exacting standard model would sell for more.

[Image credit: Chris Pizzello/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images]