The best of Public Access Vol.7: online security and Android frustrations

Microsoft set the world on fire this week with the release of Windows 10 as a free download for existing Windows users. And in our review of the OS, we found that Edge, Windows 10's new web browser, is a sleek and speedy onramp to the information superhighway. Simply upgrading to the latest and greatest software doesn't make you impervious to harm on the internet, however, so last week we asked you to share how you stay secure online. Caroline Leopold doles out some handy tips for password management and stresses the importance of HTTPS. Meanwhile, Jess James has a bone to pick with Google's all-encompassing power over Android, and Bob Summerwill thinks we could all be more efficient at our jobs if we eliminated synchronous operations from the workplace and embraced asynchronous communication instead.

Since we've told you what we think of Microsoft's latest version of Windows, we want to hear your thoughts too. This week, tell us if you've taken advantage of Satya Nadella's largesse to grab a copy, and what you think of Win10. If you're a Windows person, but don't plan to upgrade, well, tell us why not? And finally, if you're a Mac user, are you tempted to leave the cozy confines of OS X?

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"Well guess what? Our work "work streams" suffer from exactly the same concurrency problems as computers, because these patterns are the nature of the beast for any coordinated activities, whether that is in digital form for computers or in organization form for team activities within corporations."

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"One of the biggest security risks is when you are using an unsecured Wifi hotspot. Hackers can collect all of the data you sending, including private emails, credit card information and security information. Then, hackers take that information and masquerade as you, which can cause havoc to your bank account and compromises your identity."

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"And so, when I put inserted my SD card all excited that my awesome solution was imminent, and headed giddy and breathless into the configuration of my Google Music app (and my camera app, for that matter), to tell it to use my SD card I was met with nothing but a greyed out button and the bitter sting of disappointment."

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Your Dose of Inspiration

Microsoft has finally made Windows 10 available to the world, and upgrading is free for existing users. Critics' responses has been good, but we want to know if you're on board the Win10 train, and what you think of the OS. If you're not, well, we want to know that too. And, if you're a dyed in the wool Mac fan, are you now tempted to take the Microsoft plunge? Why or why not?