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BT exclusive 'Fear The Walking Dead' to premiere on August 31st

When BT announced it had teamed up with AMC to bring exclusive US shows to the UK, all eyes were on when Fear The Walking Dead, a new spin-off of the popular zombie drama The Walking Dead, would reach our screens. Turns out we'll only have to wait a few more weeks for the BT exclusive to make its debut, after the broadcaster shared news that the show will premiere on August 31st at 9pm.

Fear The Walking Dead will come as part of a new "AMC from BT" channel, which launches on August 28th. The US TV company has already promised to premiere drama series Rectify for the first time in the UK and will air other "soon to be announced dramas from AMC Networks in addition to series from other leading producers." If you're already a BT TV customer, the AMC from BT channel will be available for free and it'll automatically show up in your planner when it launches at the end of the month.