Xbox One gets its first exclusive external hard drive

Even though modern consoles ship with at least 500GB of storage, you only have to install a small number of digital games before your internal disk is full. Sony and Microsoft have alleviated some of the pain by bundling more storage, but if you've already put money down for a next-gen gaming machine, you're left with the option of switching out the default hard drive or, if your console supports it, attaching external storage via USB. Seagate recognized that most gamers probably prefer the hassle-free option, so it's teamed up with Microsoft to create a new 2TB Game Drive that works with both Xbox One and Xbox 360.

According to Major Nelson, the Game Drive is the "only external drive designed exclusively" for Microsoft's consoles. That explains why it's coated in the familiar Xbox green and features the official logo, but it also includes USB 3.0 in order to save digital games and associated files as quickly as possible. If you've decided to ditch the discs and find yourself in the market for something that truly looks like an official piece of first-party hardware, the Game Drive for Xbox will go on sale for $110 at GameStop, Amazon and other worldwide retailers later this month.

Xbox One Seagate Game Drive