Drone can stay in the air for two days to spot fish poachers

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Mariella Moon
August 6, 2015 12:23 PM
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Drone can stay in the air for two days to spot fish poachers

Fishing companies might soon launch drones to keep an eye out for poachers and hunt for specific types of fish. Aerovel has begun manufacturing its Flexrotor drones with the fishing industry in mind. These $200,000 UAVs can take off and touch down vertically using their two-bladed propellers, so they need very little space and can launch from a boat. They can also fly vertically like a helicopter and stay aloft for up to two days, monitoring fisheries from the sky and sending back videos captured from its vantage point. While Aerovel is focusing on building drones for commercial purposes at this point, the company actually signed a contract with the Navy back in 2012 to develop the Flexrotor for maritime surveillance. The aircraft has flown numerous test flights since then, one of which you can watch below the fold.

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