Microsoft brings Outlook and Translator to your smartwatch

Microsoft has just released a bunch of productivity apps for wearable devices -- nope, not for the Band, but for Android Wear smartwatches and the Apple Watch. First for the Apple Watch is Outlook, which allows you to read full emails and respond with either canned replies or your own through voice dictation. Cupertino's wearable also gets to-do app Wunderlist and will soon be able to install private social network Yammer, which will be able to take advantage of iOS 8's Handoff feature with an iPhone.

Android Wear, on the other hand, gets updated versions of both OneNote and OneDrive. The cloud service will now use one of your photos uploaded within the past 30 days as a watch face every time you activate your device. As for OneNote, it now shows the latest notes you've looked at right on the smartwatch. Finally, Microsoft has released a Translator app for both platforms: just speak into the watch, and the app will translate it into any of the 50 languages available. It also lets you pin your most commonly used translations (say, "Where is the toilet?" or "Help, I'm lost!") and browse previous ones. All these apps besides Yammer are now available for download from iTunes or Google Play.