Pornhub launches a Netflix-style subscription service

If you've ever googled the phrase "Netflix for Porn," you'll find more than a few people wishing for a one-stop shop to satisfy their sexual peccadilloes. Pornhub is hoping to fill that hole by relaunching its premium offering as a $9.99 monthly subscription service that boasts a wide range of HD content. The business contains all of the usual features you'd expect including 1080p video, high-speed servers and exclusive content that, we're told, you won't find anywhere else.

It's not just available for web users on desktops and laptops, either, since the company says that it's working on Android and Roku apps that'll arrive in the near future. There's also a promise of virtual reality integration that'll drop at some point in 2016, although there's nothing more specific about how that'll work in practice.

It's interesting to note that a portion of Pornhub's content is copyrighted material that's been submitted by users. The fact that it's now charging money, rather than just earning ad-cash, to view them could prove to be a sticky situation. We reached out to the company to ask what strategy it's got in this instance, but they didn't get back to us in time for publication. There are plenty of studios who have already signed up to Pornhub's program, however, including Digital Playground, Brazzers and Reality Kings.

For you, dear readers, we braved a peek behind the paywall to see what's in store, taking a rough survey of some categories to see what's on offer. For the handful of selections we viewed, there's around 4-5 pages of exclusive clips for each particular special interest, although one barely had half a page and another had more than 10. As such, it's likely that, depending on what you're into, that $9.99 might be a total bargain or a bit of a turn off.