AT&T offers DirecTV customers $500 to change phone service

Now that AT&T has finalized its acquisition of DirecTV, the carrier isn't wasting any time trying to bring in new wireless customers. Today, AT&T announced a promotion for people who are already subscribed to the satellite television provider, which includes up to $500 in bill credit. It's simple: DirecTV customers can get $300 applied to their account for every phone line switched over to AT&T, though each requires a device purchased through Next, the company's monthly installment plan. To make the deal more enticing, AT&T's also offering $200 for "eligible" smartphone trade-ins -- altogether, this could end up saving users a few hundred dollars if they decide to jump ship. "But what about me? I have U-Verse," you may be asking... There's nothing to be upset about, since these credits are available to you as well.

[Image credit: Associated Press]