My BT app lets you restart your router remotely

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Nick Summers
August 10th, 2015
My BT app lets you restart your router remotely

If you're a BT broadband, mobile or TV customer, it's now a tad easier to manage your account from a phone. BT has released a new app called "My BT" for iOS and Android, which lets you check recent bills, track hardware orders and review the packages that you're currently signed up to. More useful, perhaps, is the ability to check the status of BT services in your area -- for instance, when your home broadband suddenly crumbles -- and even alter an engineer appointment. The app will also offer assistance for improving your home network, and, if you're really lazy, give you the option to restart your BT Home Hub remotely. So when your connection is next on the fritz, you no longer have to get out of bed and break your Netflix marathon to do the whole "off and on" router routine.

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