Pervert uses AirDrop to 'cyber-flash' fellow commuter

Ever heard of "cyber-flashing?" Us neither, to be honest, but it's certainly got the police's attention. As the BBC reports, British Transport Police are currently investigating a strange case of unsolicited dick pics appearing on a woman's phone. While commuting to work on a London train, the lady in question saw a preview image of a stranger's genitals pop up on her iPhone, sent via AirDrop, followed by another after she declined to accept the first. Understandably, she was pretty distressed by the weirdo's oversharing, especially since the offending party would have been within AirDrop range, and reported it to the police. Since the pictures were declined, though, police don't have a digital trail to follow up on, so there's little chance of resolution. Almost stranger, police said they've dealt with similar cases involving Bluetooth before, but that the AirDrop method of cyber-flashing was something of a first. What will tech-savvy perverts think of next? Nothing, hopefully.

[Image credit: Shutterstock / FuzzBones]