ICYMI: Head injury alert, zombie killing centers and more

ICYMI: Head Injury Alert, Zombie Killing Centers and More

Today on In Case You Missed It: Google is putting its glut of satellite imaging data to good use with the "Sunroof" database, which helps people check their homes and figure out if they get enough sun to install solar panels. University of Pennsylvania researchers made a polymer that changes color depending on the depending on the amount of force used against it. They're hoping to make helmets that quickly signal the degree of a possible brain injury. And Australians beat the Americans to the virtual reality laser tag fun zone finish, building a VR zombie killing gaming center ahead of the U.S. one slated to open next year.

If you're into internet characters doing appropriately strange stuff, you've also got to see the video from the Slingshot Channel guy of the frisbee made for lethal intent.

You should also make sure to read the New York Times piece analyzing workplace culture at Amazon. It's generated enough chatter that you're likely to continue hearing about it and any changes in tech culture for some time to come.

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