Microsoft studio wants you to choose and shape its next game

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Microsoft studio wants you to choose and shape its next game

Press Play, the Danish developer behind Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba is opening up its doors to seek advice on its next game. The Microsoft-owned studio is entering what it calls "open development." For now that means the public can choose which of its game concepts gets greenlit, but it'll soon mean a lot more.

There are three ideas being batted around the Press Play office: Dwarka, Karoo, and Knoxville. Dwarka is an "action-packed first-person co-op game," Karoo is a "physics-based multiplayer construction game." and Knoxville a "third-person multiplayer action-survival game." Here are the teaser trailers for all three:

You wouldn't know it from the teasers, but each of the concepts is already at the prototype phase of development. Press Play's site has gameplay demos for all three, with Karoo probably being the furthest along. Once a title is chosen, Press Play says it'll continue to work with the community during development. Some of its plans include "sharing early builds of the game and having community members join meetings and project reviews via Skype." If you've ever wanted more than the regular video diaries and blog posts created by game creators, Press Play's initiative seems like a unique chance to get involved in game development.

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