'Citizen Mars': the story of five people and a one-way trip to the red planet

Citizen Mars Trailer (Full)

You've heard about Mars One. We've spoken to its CEO and co-founder. And, plenty of ink's been spilled on the project due to the unanswered questions regarding its scientific, technological and financial feasibility. The concerns don't end there, either. Traveling to Mars is an incredibly lengthy and dangerous endeavor, and it's unclear how the crew will deal with the social and psychological stresses inherent to the mission. There are those who believe Mars One is preying upon the largesse of its backers and would-be colonists.

Who would, despite such questions, still dedicate themselves to Mars One and the dream of walking on another planet? Citizen Mars tells the story of five such individuals.

The five-part series premieres on Engadget September 1st.