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Giphy Cam wants to be the Instagram of GIFs

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Giphy Cam wants to be the Instagram of GIFs

Everybody loves a good animated GIF but they're just such a pain to create from a mobile device. Or rather, they were a pain to create on mobile devices now that Giphy's new mobile camera app is available. The Giphy Cam is a free iOS app that allows users to create and share animated gifs as easily they do overproduced shots of their lunches.

Giphy Cam with a 5-shot burst and 3D filter

The app, which is reportedly in the works for the Android platform, captures either a 10 second full-motion clip or a 5-shot burst of stitched-together still images. Users can then add one of 10 Instagram-esque filters as well as any of 40 overlaid special effects and props before sharing their creation across the social media spectrum. Users can also just save their new gif-based masterpiece to the camera roll for local storage.

Giphy Cam on loop with X-Ray Specs overlay

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