Last year's best GIF is three years old (update)

Well, this is awkward: The big winner of this year's GIFY awards is apparently from 2012. How do we know that? It's written on the wall, of course. While President Obama skateboarding across the stage at the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul from three years ago is plenty funny, it isn't exactly new as The Next Web notes. It even took the award for the news and politics category. Cool? Yeah, but I can think of a few others that were a bit more deserving -- especially considering that there's a "throwback" category. Regardless, you can check out all of the winners below.

Update: The GIFYs organizers and panelists (including one of Engadget's own) are aware that these GIFs may not be new, necessarily, but that doesn't mean they can't be voted the best GIFs of the year. Clearly a GIF with "2012" in the background might be outdated, but it can still get some love a few years later. Carry on, folks, and enjoy the GIFs.