Latest Sky+ update helps you discover new movies

The last update for Sky+HD boxes was all about keepings the kids entertained, so it's only fair that the next give parents a few ideas of what to watch when the munchkins are all tucked up. Rolling out to set-top boxes from today (though it might take a few weeks to land on yours), the third Sky+ update this year is specifically aimed at Sky Movies customers. As part of continued efforts to make Sky+ more like Netflix and other streaming services by focusing on the discovery as much as the content, the new "More Like This" feature recommends other flicks based on your current selection.

And if a couple of those suggestions take your fancy, you can add them to your "Watchlist," a new section where you make note of movies you'd like to see so you can jump straight into them when you next get the chance. Finally, if you stumble across a film on live TV that's halfway through already, the new "Watch from Start" feature will download the movie to your Sky+HD box so you can catch it from the beginning. Oh, and later this year, Sky's also adding a star-based rating system using audience scores from review site Rotten Tomatoes, at which point you'll know whether that Watchlist of yours is full of classics or flops.