NASA technologies star in One Direction's music video

Ah, pop stars. They can be anyone they want in their music videos: spies, goddesses and, in One Direction's case, astronauts blasting off to space. The boy band's latest music video for the single Drag Me Down features a number of NASA tech, which is why the agency's been promoting it in its social media channels. In addition to donning NASA's bright orange suits and shooting at the Johnson Space Center, the boys got a taste of the ISS crew's training using the Partial Gravity Simulator and the ISS Mockup Bike.

They also got to bond with Robonaut, take the Space Exploration Vehicle (a rover in development for Mars and other deep-space missions) for a drive around the facility and dance in a hangar with T-38 jet trainers used for flight simulations. Finally, the boys got to climb aboard a mock-up Orion spacecraft, because clearly, magical things happen to them that don't happen to the rest of us.