Coin's newest credit card replacement adds built-in NFC

After delays plagued the initial launch of Coin's Bluetooth single-card solution to slimming down your wallet, the company is back with version 2.0. The new option still stores credit card info for taking care of the bill after lunch, but there's a big addition in tow: NFC. With the addition of NFC tap to pay, you can make contactless payments with the cards stored on Coin. While the new version is starting to ship today, the company is still working on "additional partnerships" with banks and financial institutions, though, so it'll arrive with an Early-Access-Mode. Basically, your options for tapping to pay will be limited at first, but as more banks opt in, you'll be able to enable EMV compatibility through a software update. Speaking of EMV, those Chip and Pin cards will work with the new Coin, too.

In addition to the swipeless payment option, the thinner Coin 2.0 adds the ability to assign each stored card a four-character nickname, like "BofA" for example. It's also said to be twice as fast as the original, accepts over-the-air updates for new features and carries an improved electronic stripe that works better at gas pumps. Folks who've already received the first card can claim a free upgrade via the Android or iOS companion app. If you haven't gotten yours yet, you'll get the second edition at no extra charge too, and can check on the ship date through the app or Coin's website. Haven't splurged for one yet? You can pre-order one now for $117.50.