Microsoft Snip annotates screenshots with voice notes and scribbles

Screenshots come in handy when offering feedback and comments on any number of things. To lend a hand with that process, Microsoft has a new app for Windows that's up to the task. The software is called Snip, and in addition to capturing parts of your screen to share among your friends and colleagues, the app also lets you mark up the snaps. With both voice notes and stylus scribbles, Snip gives you two options for getting that point across. When you're done, you can paste the image into another app (they're copied to the clipboard by default), distribute it as a web link or save it to your device as a video (MP4). When you lend your voice to the captures, the app automatically turns them into videos. And yes, they can be embedded on the web should the need arise. If you're looking to give it a go, the app is available in beta form now from the source link below.