Parrot's Zik 3 headphones have 'wireless everything'

​Parrot's high-tech headphone series just got another notable upgrade. The Zik 3 brings the same noise cancellation and touch panel controls of the last model, but adds wireless charging to the already-wireless headphones. There's also a completely different look, that Parrot's calling "a touch of couture" (the company is French so we're giving them a pass), which includes four options in croc texture, "overstitch" detailed cans in black and ivory, and a black leather grain option. The redesigned earpieces are more slender than the Zik 2, and while there's even more tech inside the sequel, the Zik 3s weigh exactly the same.

"Zik is the revolution.

Zik 3 is the evolution.

Evolution is a permanent revolution."

-Philippe Starck

Alright, Philippe. Yes, the latest headphones from Parrot have benefitted from Starcks' design firm again, but the new looks are possibly the least important new thing here. Aside from wireless charging, the headphones are now compatible with USB audio, which improves the quality of audio playback to Hi-Fi audio when possible (and simultaneously replenishes the battery).

Noise cancellation can cover up to 30 decibels, with a street mode that will let in a channel of outside noise to avoid, well, possibly a traffic accident if you don't hear a car coming. Parrot has also crafted companion smartwatch apps for both Apple Watch and Android Wear, because these are the times we live in. The wearable app's "Producer mode" seems to be the highlight with a five-band, full-parametric equalizer, coupled with a spatializer. If you're aching for some headphones to match that gold-banded wearable, the Kik 3s will launch globally around the end of this year.