NASA snaps photos of the ISS making its way across the sun

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Mariella Moon
September 8, 2015 9:33 PM
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NASA snaps photos of the ISS making its way across the sun

The image above isn't of an alien world with strange markings: it's our own sun, and those tiny marks show the International Space Station's transit across its surface as seen from Earth. NASA chief photographer Bill Ingalls captured several photos of the ISS' silhouette with our solar system's star as the background from Shenandoah National Park on September 6th. The agency then stitched five different images together to conjure up the final product. Ingalls captured photos of the station's lunar transit back in August, as well, if you'd also like to see it make its way across the moon. By the way, the spacecraft is traveling at a speed of around 5 miles per second and is fast enough to orbit our entire planet every 90 minutes!

[Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls]

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