Google's new Wallet app makes its way to the Play Store

Google has clothed its Wallet app in a pleasant green hue, made it look crisper, and then sent it to the Play Store with its edgier (literally) new logo. In fact, Mountain View has released it as a brand new download instead of as an update to the old app, most likely to prepare for Android Pay's arrival. This way, people can continue using the revamped Wallet app for peer-to-peer payments, even after Google transforms the old one into Android Pay through the latest mobile platform to instantly turn everyone into users.

The company's answer to Apple Pay is geared more towards vendor payments -- it's baked right into the OS, giving you the ability to use tap-to-pay for purchases more quickly. Unlike Wallet, you don't have to launch the app or key in your PIN for payments. That said, the revamped Wallet has all the features you'd expect in a payment application and can now even forward your balance to a linked debit card or bank account.