'Citizen Mars,' Episode 3: the lives they leave behind

Matt Brian
M. Brian|09.14.15

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'Citizen Mars,' Episode 3: the lives they leave behind image
'Citizen Mars,' Episode 3: the lives they leave behind image
Citizen Mars S1:E3 | Comfortable = Deplorable

If everything goes to plan, the first Mars One probe will touch down on the red planet sometime around 2018 to 2020. Two years later, it'll then start scouting for potential colony sites. In 2022, life support systems and other essential equipment will be sent to Mars ahead of the first manned mission. Sue Ann, Mido, Adriana, Shradha and Pietro are doing what they can to be ready for blastoff knowing they won't return.

The most difficult thing about going away forever is leaving behind the world they know: a dinner party with friends, a game of soccer, a hike through Griffith Park.

The Citizen Mars series takes an in-depth look at five of the 100 finalists for the Mars One mission. In each episode we chart the progress of everyday people determined to be the first to colonise the red planet.

Through interviews and extensive vérité that spans Europe, Africa, Asia and the US, discover the obsession with the future, adventure and space that's propelling them to leave everything -- and everyone -- behind.

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