Dainese's airbag jacket doesn't rely on a motorcycle to activate

Airbag jackets for motorcyclists typically rely on the bike to activate the safety features, which, in some cases, could be a bit tricky. Dainese remedied the issue by packing all of the requisite tech inside the jacket itself on its D-air Misano 1000. The collection of sensors, GPS and other electronics that are housed in the back protector "monitor the dynamics of the rider's body 800 times a second" and deploy the airbag when they detect impact or tumbling. As you might expect, there's an on/off switch to activate the system when you're in the saddle and an LED status like keeps your informed of its status. Looking to snag one? The D-air Misano 1000 will arrive in November for €1,499 (around $1,700).