You can't fly drones near the Pope during his US visit

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You can't fly drones near the Pope during his US visit

Thinking of using a camera drone to get some above-the-crowd footage of Pope Francis during his trip to the US near the end of September? The Federal Aviation Administration would really, really prefer that you didn't. It's instituting drone flying bans in key parts of New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, DC (where there are already strict limitations) throughout the Papal visit. Give in to temptation and you're breaking the law, even if you had no intentions of getting near the religious leader.

It's not hard to see why the FAA would clamp down. Its drone restrictions are tough even in normal circumstances -- you can imagine how it feels about swarms of drones jockeying for good views of the Pope, let alone genuine threats. And whether you like it or not, these kinds of large, one-off bans are likely to become more frequent as drones grow in popularity.

[Image credit: AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia]

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