AT&T's home automation services reach your apartment

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AT&T's home automation services reach your apartment

AT&T's Digital Life home automation services are tempting if you like the idea of cellular-connected safety and security systems, but you've had to live in a fully detached home to even consider subscribing. Live downtown? Forget about it. Thankfully, your options are expanding. Digital Life is now available in apartments and condos, so you can rely on the carrier to remotely turn on the lights or warn you if someone breaks in. The support is available in all 83 existing Digital Life areas, so the odds are that you can sign up today.

With that said, you'll probably want to think long and hard about a subscription. It's only available on the fifth floor of a building or lower, so this won't help much if you live near the top of a high-rise. And simply put, this might be overkill for a relatively small abode -- you might be better-off with a Nest Cam, Piper hub or other devices that can keep tabs on virtually your entire home (albeit without a cellular connection) for a lower price.

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