Leaked D-Link code-signing key could make malware look legit

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Sean Buckley
September 18, 2015 6:11 PM
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Leaked D-Link code-signing key could make malware look legit

When your company is known for making wireless routers, network switches and home security cameras, leaking your code-signing private keys yourself is the last thing you want to do. Back in February, that's exactly what D-Link did, accidentally leaving a valid key visible in its open-source firmware. If found by an attacker, the key could have been used to make malware that can pass as official software from D-Link -- malware that wouldn't trigger security warnings when installed to Windows or OS X machines.

That's bad, but luckily would-be attackers would have had to stumble across the key weeks ago -- the leaked certificate expired earlier this month. Still, that means software created using the key between February and September is still valid. D-Link says it's issuing more firmware updates in the near future to address the issue

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