Quirky will sell its Wink smart home tech after going bankrupt

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Quirky hinted that things weren't going so well when it stopped building its namesake oddball gadgets, and it's now extra-clear that the company has hit a rough patch. It's filing for bankruptcy in a bid to get its house back in order, and the restructuring effort will include selling off Wink, the firm behind its relatively popular smart home platform. The contract manufacturing outfit Flextronics is making a "stalking horse" offer for Wink to set a baseline price, but the hope is that another company will pony up a greater amount. So how does this affect you, then?

According to the Wink team, not much. Devices like the Hub and Relay are still on store shelves, and the company is still plugging away on new features. Your Wink-compatible light bulbs and door locks won't suddenly stop working. Even so, it's hard not to be a bit nervous about Wink's fate. There's no certainty that it'll find a rescuer willing to care for its household technology over the long term, let alone give it the resources it needs to grow.

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