DraftKings is expanding its online gambling services to eSports

Daily Fantasy Football

Online gambling site DraftKings told Re/code on Wednesday that it will expand its fantasy services beyond professional baseball and American football. Beginning next month, DraftKing users will be able to test their fantasy team management mettle in the rapidly-growing realm of eSports. In fact, the new service is slated to debut in time for the start of the League of Legends World Championship in October. Additionally, the company will partner six eSports teams for in-event promotions.

The primary hurdle facing DraftKings is that 60 percent of the eSports industry (valued at more than $600 million annually by SuperData) is centered in Asia while the company is only licensed to operate on the North American continent. "We certainly have global ambitions here and want to be operating in as many countries as possible and as quickly as possible," DraftKings Chief Revenue Officer Matt Kalish told Re/code. "The long game here is really tied in more with our international strategy." So get ready Asia, pretty soon you'll be bombarded with near-constant online gambling ads just like we are here in the States.

[Image Credit: Associated Press]