Firefox's anti-tracking private browsing is now in beta

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Last month, Mozilla released a pre-beta version of its Firefox browser featuring an overhauled Private Browsing mode, designed to block certain web elements (such as analytic tools) that track your online behavior. This experimental build, however, was mostly intended for developers. But now Mozilla is bringing these anti-tracking, privacy-focused features to more users, as it's making them available through the Firefox Beta browser on the desktop and Android. The company says it also used feedback from pre-beta testers to try a new feature within Private Browsing dubbed Tracking Protection, which will block sites from creating profiles about you across the web based on your data -- other mainstream browser's private modes don't protect that deep, according to Mozilla.

You can try it out for yourself on Android devices, Mac, Windows and Linux, but do keep in mind some pages may fail to work as a result.
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