Comcast wants you to keep using Comcast even for web video

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Roberto Baldwin
September 29th, 2015
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Comcast wants you to keep using Comcast even for web video

Comcast loves when you watch regular TV. But, it also knows that you're also watching web-only content on YouTube and other video sites. To try to get your eyeballs always on its properties it announced the beta launch of its curated video platform, Watchable. Available for iOS, X1 and online, the service has videos from GoPro, The Onion, Red Bull, Maker, Vice and others. Watchable does require an account to view the content, but it doesn't have to be one from Comcast. The company says its latest venture will be supported by ads and that it plans to add additional partners in the future. Of course, sites and services like YouTube already have a majority of these videos, but with curation and inclusion in the X1, Comcast is hoping you'll stay with it for all your eyeball-filling entertainment.

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