Google's Pixel C tablet is Android's official answer to the Surface

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Google's Pixel C tablet is Android's official answer to the Surface

You may have tuned into Google's event expecting Nexus phones, but Google just threw a big (if not entirely unanticipated) wildcard into the mix: Meet the Pixel C. The 10.2-inch Android Marshmallow device is the first tablet Google has designed completely in-house, and it's a not-so-subtle attempt at competing with Microsoft's Surface line, Apple's iPad Pro and other high-end tablets that turn into makeshift laptops with the right add-ons. In this case, there's an optional, smart Bluetooth keyboard ($149) that docks with the Pixel C when you're bent on getting work done, clings to the back of the tablet when you're not using it and charges when closed with the tablet attached. And much like the similarly pro-minded Chromebook Pixel, the Pixel C is using a USB Type-C connector -- you can even share chargers with the new Nexus phones if you're so inclined.

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As you might guess, the device is a beast under the hood. As leaks revealed earlier, it's powered by NVIDIA's Tegra X1 (the same chip you find in the Shield TV), and you'll be looking at an extra-bright (500 nits), 308 pixels-per-inch display. Google is shy about saying just when and where the Pixel C will be available, other than that it should arrive in time for the holidays. However, the pricing is about what you'd expect for a slate in this class: it'll cost $499 for a version with 32GB of storage, and $599 for a 64GB version.

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