Google Shopping ads will start popping up on YouTube

Until that rumored ads-free subscription option comes around (if it's true, that is), you just have to accept that advertisements are a part of YouTube. The latest type you'll come across in the coming months? Google Shopping ads. According to the Inside AdWords blog, the Shopping ads that will be shown are "selected based on a variety of contextual signals," making them relevant to the video you're watching. When YouTube finds a match, you'll see a small "i" icon on the top right corner of the video -- the same one that pops up for TrueView ads -- and clicking it opens up a panel that links to related products you can buy. For instance, a video about DSLR will show cameras, lenses and kits for sale from Best Buy and other AdWords clients. Unlike in-stream ads that auto-play before every video, though, you can always just leave the "i" icon untouched if you have zero interest in buying straight from YouTube.